Hunger Games 30 Day Challenge

i’m only doing it because imma crazy ass bored mofo right now….

Day 1: My favourite character

Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games movies, i think, are coming out at the perfect time for young girls. The main character in it being a strong, independent woman, who will stop at nothing for what she believes in and doesn’t get left behind. Jennifer Lawrence has said it before in interviews about X-Men: First Class where she wanted to look like a woman and not a stick. I just think she and Katniss could really help the situation we are in now, which is just based on society and the media’s idea of beauty. Which is some skinny girl, with long flowing hair, big lips, piercing blue/green eyes, long legs, big boobs, rump butt. I mean seriously wtf that is impossible to have all those things in one, and yet so many people particularly girls believe that if they want to feel beautiful and look beautiful towards others they have to look like that, when they should be embracing their bodies because they’re perfect no matter what. Katniss is such a strong character everything she did was for her family, everything she fought for. She isn’t some prissy, damsel in distress and she can stand up for herself. She had the weight of the rebellion on her shoulders and she kept fighting never giving up, all because there was a bigger picture. She hardly cared what she looked like while kicking ass. I just love her because shes so strong, determined, independent, intelligent and an empowering woman. But most of all beautiful, not because of what she looks like but because of what she stands for and her actions. 

wow that was intense, here’s josh getting hit by a girl to lighten the mood..

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